What are the odds? Flipping 10 heads in a row

singingbanana released an interesting video about the odds of flipping 10 heads in a row. It is basic probability and the video is entertaining enough to warrant sharing it with your friends, regardless of their mathematical background.

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4 Responses to “What are the odds? Flipping 10 heads in a row”

  1. Nuzhah says:

    Great job! but very tiring also!!!

    ur video/experiment tallies with explantion given in class that the coin is biased towards head in many trials.

    Howerver, i would like to know Y u mark the tail?

    • Just to clarify, Nuzhah, I’m not the one who did the experiment. The coin is theoretically fair, it has no known bias. You can repeat the experiment with the tails instead of heads, and it would not matter. The tail was marked by the author of the video so as to show more clearly to the camera when a head was missed.

  2. Nuzhah says:

    thnks 4 clearing my doubt have a nice day

  3. Martisa Vignali says:

    This seems like a fun math probability experiment. He has energy in teaching too.

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