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We don’t usually include off-topic posts here, but I feel this may interest some of our readers, plus it’s a shameless plug as well. 😛

Technical BloggingIf you’ve always wanted to start your own technical blog, perhaps about a mathematical or scientific topic, but never got around to do it or failed to attract a following, read on.

My book about technical blogging is now available in Beta from The Pragmatic Bookshelf:

It’s the kind of book that will teach you everything you need to realistically know to succeed at blogging. In it I provide a complete road map that can be applied whether you blog about math, science, technology, programming, or just about any other professional area.

Check it out and let me know what you think. If you’re just hearing about this book for the first time now, be sure to read the free introduction and excerpts to get an idea of how practical and useful this book is.

Happy technical and scientific blogging!

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